The COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition (C19HCC) is a collaborative private-industry response to novel coronavirus. Our mission is to save lives by providing real-time learning to preserve healthcare delivery and protect populations. We are bringing together the best, brightest minds, assets and insights from across private industry to coordinate a response.

To advance our understanding and find effective treatments for the pandemic, we must share resources, plans, and work together. Clinical data is a key asset. Moving patient-level data can encounter logistical, contractual, and regulatory barriers. It is faster and easier to move the queries to the data owners, have them evaluate the queries, and then federate the results. We can unlock large-scale analytics for COVID-19 in three steps:

Our work process

By coordinating and sharing information, we will shorten the pandemic and save lives. We welcome clinical data providers and analytics teams to share their needs and priorities to guide and contribute to this effort!

COVID-19 Observational Studies
Observational studies undertaken as part of the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition. Each study is defined by a set of row-level source data, cohorts (phenotypes), and metrics.STUDIES
COVID-19 Cohorts
COVID-19 cohorts provide standardized definitions for relevant metrics and populations of interest. Following these definitions assures consistent metrics and comparable cohorts.Cohorts
COVID-19 Vocabulary
Documentation and sources for value sets and terminologies used in COVID-19 cohort definitions and data dictionary elements.Vocabulary
Data Dictionary
The dictionary describes the guidelines that data submitters should follow when exporting clinical data files from their electronic health record (EHR) systems. Includes mapping to standard models such as OHDSI CDM, I2B2, and FHIR.Data Dictionary